The name of the Organisation will be:



The website address will be:



E-mail address will be:



The Reunions will be held on the last Friday in September, subject to the availability of a Main hall.

The Reunion nights are for past and Present HMP Liverpool Staff.  Widows will also be invited and welcome to the Annual Reunion.

Any monies raised by the Retired Staff would be paid into their bank account at Nationwide.  Any monies to be withdrawn from the bank account to be 2 out of 3 signatories.

The Walton Retired and the Parade Fund to have links to each other on their respective websites.

A 'LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP', a minimum donation of £5.00 (voluntary) for Retired staff only.  The money to offset start up and running costs for a website; hire of Reunion Hall; sandwiches on the Reunion Night; and any unforeseen expenses that may occur.

There will be an interim meeting on the last Friday in April, unless this date coincides with Bank Holidays.  This meeting will be to discuss the forthcoming Reunion night in September and any other business.

Minutes of all meetings to be taken and distributed to all committee members.

Planned meetings to be published on the website.

Any changes to these rules to be posted on the website.



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